Dear GOP,

Written on:May 11, 2016
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Dear Republicans,

Do you scratch your head sometimes and wonder how on earth you have Donald Trump as your candidate for the President of the United States?  Well, it shouldn’t really be a surprise.

First Donald is NOT a Republican.  He is an opportunist.  He wants to be President.  He wants to win. After carefully analyzing the possibilities, Trump chose to go the way of the GOP.  It’s obvious why and he’s already articulated his motivation:  He loves the “poorly educated.”  Add to that is his love of racists and misogynists.  His characterization of Mexicans as rapists and his ban on Muslims are also consistent with his misanthropy.  Finally, his disdain of the disabled is the frosting on the cake.  I’m sure it’s much easier to raise the consciousness of hatred and ignorance than the Democratic position of tolerance and the capacity to accept others and assist everyone with meeting their potential.

This is not to say that there are not Republicans who share these moderate views but they are the educated ones. This explains why some Republicans will not support Trump.  They have integrity and realize as Rick Perry explained before he knelt down before Trump for absolution, that Trump is a cancer on society and the United States in particular.  Are Republicans so keen on winning that they are willing to support someone who is obviously deceiving an entire political party?  Ask yourself, Republicans, can you actually support anyone who publicly mocks someone with a disability?  Who deprecatingly refers to a woman’s menstrual cycle?  Who criticizes a woman’s appearance?  Who lies uncompromisingly?  Who disparages a woman because she uses the ladies room?  Who brags about the size of his genitals? Who claims that another candidate’s father help assassinate President Kennedy?  Who still argues that President Obama was born in Kenya?  Should I go on?

Oh, Trumpy has been working on this plan for a very long time.  And now it’s in the hands of the “poorly educated.”  Is that where you want to live?  Raise your children?  Feel safe?

If you want a bully to be President, go ahead.  Vote for him.  But be careful what you vote for. He has no moral compass and is just as likely to change his mind later as he has over and over again. Then he’s your problem.  We’re all moving to Canada.  Even France sounds more inviting.