Hillary: Trump is “incoherent”

Written on:June 5, 2016
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For all of my Republican friends who are contemplating voting for Donald, please take some time to listen to one of his entire political speeches that he routinely gives at his rallies.  The only thing I can compare his rants to are the ramblings of patients I was assigned to as a student nurse at St. Elizabeth’s hospital.  It’s called flight of ideas.  It’s hard to know if Donald is out of touch with reality but I think it’s fair to say that he is probably absolutely best example of a narcissism the  public and probably mental health workers have ever seen.  Put that into the perspective of the potential leader of the free world, my Republican friends, it should make you more than pause, it should give you a knot in the pit of your stomach.  This is a dangerous man.

I know.  You don’t want to vote for Hillary because….. You fill in the blank.  But really? Do you actually think that Hillary’s downsides outweigh Donald’s mental instability and just plain craziness not to mention his political platform?  Do you trust him?  Look at his history:  A supporter of Democrats and Democratic ideals, he now purports to be a Republican.  Ask yourself why.  Why would be align himself with the GOP?  It might be due to the absolute weakness of that party.  This is classic Donald.  He looks for the weakest link and exploits it.  Perhaps looking at how he mowed down his primary challengers is the best example.  When he is actually challenged by the media, Hillary and Republicans who don’t buy his rhetoric, he is like an angry bear who’s poked.  He retaliates viscerally and begins the ranting where he lies and confirms his instability. Typically, he defends himself by claiming that unnamed attorneys, generals and, again, you fill in the blank, have advised him that he is right.  He’s always right.  Some lack of humility, you think?

I think it’s crystal clear at this point that there is no one advising or managing Donald’s campaign messaging but Donald.  I’m sure that there must be someone around him who tries to give him a reality check, but you know how that goes.  Then there are those around him who are so manipulated by Donald either through payoffs or their own emotional needs that they cannot possibly have the temerity to tell or even suggest anything to Donald.

Democrats will be asking Republicans if they support Donald.  And if they do endorse Donald, we can only assume that they share the same views, morals and hateful rhetoric.  Even with any remote positives, who can trade those Donald’s venomous rants mocking the disabled, Mexicans, Muslims, women, the legal system, nuclear proliferation, et al.?  My Republican friends, do you want to be part of Donald’s unstable effort to settle old scores in the guise of politics for the sake of the “party” or do you want to consider the U.S.A.’s best interests?  It’s your choice.  Please look in the mirror, something I’m sure Donald does hourly but not for introspection.