Republican Nuremburg Rally

Written on:July 20, 2016
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….otherwise known as a convention. But I can’t stand another minute where absolutely nothing of substance has been articulated.  Talk of Lucifer by Ben Carson was only outdone by Chris Christie’s Linda Blair impression.  I was fully expecting Christie’s head to begin spinning while spewing vomit.  But why should anyone be surprised?  The entire Trump campaign is predicated on hatred, conspiracies and lies.  The speakers have been specifically chosen to repeat the lies to the lame-brained in the audience taking it as truth unquestioned.  With the likes of Chachi, an avacado actress and a soap opera pin-up hunk speaking, the level of intellectual functioning is exactly what Trump has groomed because he wants one thing:  To win!  Remember:  He loves the “poorly educated.”

Trump doesn’t want to be President as some altruistic desire to serve his country.  He simply wants to win.  But how did he do this?  Trump is a Democrat or at least he was.  As he calculated the shortest path of least resistance to win the race to the White House, his ultimate goal, he recognized that although his social views were most closely aligned with the left, he decided that he could jettison those opinions in favor of moving to the GOP.  But why?  He cunningly recognized that many (not all) individuals who identify themselves as Republicans are racists and never hesitant to blame others for the state of their own lives.  It’s the Mexicans.  It’s the Muslims.  It’s women.  It’s anyone who doesn’t think or look like you do.  Trump’s a manipulator which could be defined as a “deal” maker.  So by holding his rallies where he continually outdoes his outrageous statements using profanity and encouraging violence, he has incited his mobs to hate and that hate has been squarely aimed at Hillary now that he’s knocked off his GOP primary opponents.   It’s a sick game.

During Christie’s speech, the Hunger Games audience appeared ugly and scary.  The mood was comparable to SS recruits ready kill.  The audience has been described as “exuberant”.  I would call it an intentional effort to incite additional hatred.  Last night was the night to put forth Trump’s economic policy.  Nothing.  Nada.  Only more hate.

Oddly, the only sober moment was during entire convention was during Melania’s speech regardless of the source.  The children never really shared any human examples of their father. It sounded like their only relationships were with their father as an authoritarian and as a boss.  Nothing remotely “fatherly”.

So, my Republican friends, as Marco Rubio and Elizabeth Warren have said, Trump is a con.  He has used you.  He has suggested that you have an entitlement that you can’t achieve because of those faces that aren’t like yours.  I can only hope that the masses understand that a vote for Trump may change this country forever where the possibility of a third world rebellion wouldn’t be out of the question.  Just imagine……..

If you can’t vote for Hillary, then don’t vote.