Local GOP candidates support Trump?

Written on:August 16, 2016
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It’s time for our local Republican candidates to share with the voters whether they are supporting, endorsing or voting for Donald Trump.  Of course, we can’t follow they into the voting booth, but our citizens need to know if Jon Way, Ian Lovejoy and Theresa Coates Ellis are Trump supporters or endorsers.  Hal needs to give us his position as well.  The Manassas GOP Committee endorses Trump according to their webpage. When will we be informed if the candidates share that endorsement as we watch Trump vow to turn our country into a place where neighbor reports neighbor, newspapers are censored and the internet monitored.  In other words, are you willing to live in a dictatorship ruled by King Trump as you cede your freedom?  What say you Jon, Ian, Theresa and Hal?

What’s even more ironic is that Trump wants anyone entering the country to be subjected to a loyalty test.  Anyone who preaches hate would be disqualified.  Like Trump?  The purveyor of hate, racism and xenophobia?  Will Trump create Trump a separate police force going door-to-door checking on the occupants?  Manassas tried that tactic once when the GOP city council passed an ordinance forbidding homes to be occupied by individuals who were not first degree relatives.  I suspect you can guess the motivation behind this ill-conceived idea led by Jackson Miller which cost Manassas millions of dollars as the Department of Justice correctly cited Manassas as passing an unconstitutional ordinance.  This is exactly what Trump is pushing in order to appeal to those voters who support the likes of Miller, Way, Lovejoy, Ellis and Parrish.  And that would include wishy-washy Babs Comstock who has suddenly become all outreach to her constituents since the election is looming.  Thanks Babs, but I don’t need to read about your jaunts around the 10th Congressional District while you have been part of Congressional obstruction.  You need to go although your tabloid newsletter makes a good birdcage liner.

But I digress:  We need to hear from the candidates as to their Trump positions.  I’m not asking them to jump on the Hillary bandwagon, but I would like some honest answers as to Trump.  Let’s hear it, folks!