Are Americans Really Crazy?

Written on:September 10, 2016
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Just got back from Montreal on a business trip.  Beautiful city with the romantic background of French being spoken but everyone is bilingual.  There was one common thread when anyone learned that I was an American (we can be confused for Canadians), the folks who live in our neighbor to the North think that we are all absolutely nuts letting Trump even get near the White House.  I heard this from my seat mate on my flight to Montreal, a waiter at dinner, a court reporter and even a doctor.  They just don’t get it.

They’ve all heard about the people who have promised to move to Canada if Trump is elected.  One person told me about their wall and promised that Trump would pay for it.  Another person asked how the “leader of the free world” could ever be considered legitimate if he is President.  Ah, yes it was an earful but an honest evaluation of someone who could bring an end to our country as we know.  I know. I know.  Checks and balances.  But when a dictator is in charge, there are no checks but only an imbalanced tyrant.

I’ve just heard Trump is now threatening to “blow them out of the water” if Iran’s “little boats” circle ours. Only a dangerous sociopath would put this country in danger by resorting to these threats.  Do intelligent people really think this conduct is worthy of even consideration for Presidential demeanor?  Maybe that’s an oxymoron, emphasis on moron.  Sorry, and this is my opinion solely, folks who intend to vote for Trump are just not people that I would even engage with in any manner.  I can’t respect anyone who supports a candidate who degrades women, mocks the disabled, panders to African Americans, and demeans immigrants.  Trump has attracted “alt-right” (fascists) like David Duke, and the parade of conspiracy theorists and haters.   And why would that be?  He has given his approval and even encouraged these people.

Now he is looking at Putin as his hero.  He has degraded and disrespected President Obama.  And the same people who consider President Obama as a Muslim or born in Kenya are top Trump supporters. This what is the Canadians see and what they find so appalling.  And I am ashamed.  He must not be elected.