Another ?Debate

Written on:October 10, 2016
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That was a debate?  In the post debate commentary, the general opinion is that Trump did better than expected.  Better than what?  The bar for Trump is so low that anyone with an 8th grade education could meet it.  Of course he was more aggressive and uglier.  He’s losing and as he demands of the African American community:  What does he have to lose?  Absolutely nothing because he is going to lose.  Not a word of truthful substance from Trump and even dissing his VP running mate is illustrative of this pathetic candidate.

But I cannot ignore “the video”.  As I drive through my neighborhood and see the Trump yard signs I can’t help but conclude that these folks as Trump supporters also support a sexual predator.  Capturing in Trump’s own words regarding his objectification of women should be sufficient to persuade anyone with a moral core that Trump is unfit to be President.  Do these neighbors really think it’s just “locker room banter” to brag about grabbing a woman’s genitals without her permission?  This guy is a sexual predator.  He fits the profile.  The Trumpers argue that this was 11 years ago.  Eleven years ago Trump wasn’t a 19 year old frat boy.  He was 59.  That tape is consistent with his remarks regarding his complete disdain of women where he calls them pigs, mocks their appearance, and regards women as just tools of his desire which includes his daughter Ivanka whom he describes as a “piece of ass.”   I am hoping that the women he has abused will come forward not fearful of Trump’s mafia threats.

Now wth all this in mind, it is absolutely imperative that every Hillary voter votes!!  This election cannot be close.  It must be a complete blow out leaving Trump on the curb lying on his back like a dying cockroach.  What the country does not need is Trump’s deplorables claiming that the election was “rigged” against him culminating in weeks of uncertainty.  Vote, vote, vote.  Demonstrate to the world that America is a diverse, welcoming and moral country and not an infestation of “angry” xenophobes who want to blame their lot in life on others.  This is the Trump message.  Democrats are hopeful optimists and recognize those among us who need a hand up but we can’t accomplish anything by playing the blame game.

Vote Vote Vote Democratic down the whole ticket.  The Manassas City Council Trump ticket must be defeated as well.