A Confederacy of Losers

Written on:January 31, 2017
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What do Trump and his White House crowd have in common?  They are all losers.  And that is why Bannon is so dangerous.

Let’s start with Reince Priebus.  Wisconsin lawyer, he has been immersed in GOP politics since returning from University of Miami Law School in 1998 after graduation.  He joined a law firm and subsequently ran for Wisconsin State Senate in 2004.  He lost to the incumbent Democrat.  As an unsuccessful candidate, he began his climb in the GOP hierarchy running the organization.  He’s been the Wisconsin party chairman and Chairman of the national GOP but never achieved his own electoral success.  His success has been sublimated through Trump.  On his own, however, he’s a loser.

Steve Miller is a political operative.  He was Jeff Sessions’ communication director and developed “nation-state populism” with Sessions which is the basis of Trump’s anti-global views.   Steve Miller has never accomplished anything other than defeating Democrats.  Political operative:  Loser who can’t function outside of government.

Another political operative, Kellyanne Conway, is a loser in the sense that she has managed to reject every position that she ever supported, such as Ted Cruz.  More than a loser, she is untrustworthy.  This former talk-show regular claimed that she had to spend more time with her children and then promptly assumed her current position in the White House.  Glib and sarcastic (with alternative facts), she wears thin and is a smiley face as long as the agenda is hers.

Jared Kushner:  But he’s just Trump’s son-in-law.  Retribution, however, is high on his list as well.  Chris Christie successfully prosecuted Charles Kushner, Jared’s dad, for income tax evasion, illegal campaign contributions,  witness tampering and more leading to a plea agreement, a felony conviction, 14 months in a Federal prison plus fines.  So what’s Jared motivation?  Retribution for dad’s fall.  In this scenario, Charles Kushner is the loser.

Sean Spicer has a very difficult job.  As GOP Communications Director, he was basically responsible for a communications strategy and eventually became a chief strategist for the party.  He has really never held a job in the private sector and has always been a government employee. His job is difficult because he must on a daily basis respond in support of the Trump lies.  It must be exhausting.  Although other journalists have characterized him in a positive light in the past, his reputation has been diminished by some of the absolutely incomprehensible statements he has made which is a losing strategy but sort of his form of retribution.

Jeff Sessions:  How can he be a loser?  He’s a Senator and he thinks he is about to be Attorney General of the U.S.  But his rejection as a District Court Judge in 1986 left a sour taste in his mouth ever since.  From Alabama, he has made it to Senator but with very little influence or power.  Now with the AG in his sights, he can set the record straight and begin the task of retribution.

Which brings me to Trump himself, definitely a bigger loser than Sessions.  Here’s a guy who was gifted by his Dad with $1 million dollars (at least) to start a company.  This was not a “small business.”  He latched on to his father’s coattails and made a lot of money but not much recognition.  In fact, early on, he was mocked and disdained.  Then he got into Hollywood and The Apprentice.  But when he didn’t win that coveted Emmy, it appalled him.  He lost.  When he won the electoral college but lost the popular vote, he couldn’t stand it so he simply created his own set of facts accusing an illegal election process.  Then when photos emerged revealing his crowd was sparse as compared to Obama’s in 2009, he created another set of facts  and demanded that the National Park Service to take down the photos.  Too late.  But he is a basic loser who will use the White House to shower retribution throughout.  This is his weakness and, thus, he can be manipulated by the big winner:  Bannon.  (Omarosa, by the way, was right.)

Bannon has evolved from his Democratic roots to a nearly fascist point-of-view.  This has not happened because of any visceral belief that fascism is superior.  Through careful machinations, he has landed in the world of conspiracies appealing to the masses who are searching for scapegoats for their own failures.  These are Bannon’s fans and Trump voters.  Donald Trump is the perfect foil for Bannon.  Trump is actually weak.  He cannot rely on his own intellect or sensitivity to function.  Thus, the door opens for Bannon.  Using Trump through flattery and most probably lies, Bannon has struck gold.  Without a single vote, he has assumed the role of Commander-in-Chief.  By creating and supporting Trump’s delusions, Bannon has found someone easily manipulated.  But Trump really doesn’t care.  He simply wants to assume the throne so he can sign executive orders appearing to be the executive.  Trump wants to look like a winner.

And what does this say about Trump supporters?  I really don’t know.  It’s hard to understand how they can continue to support someone who is obviously delusional and sick.  Who mocks someone who displays emotion?  Who mocks the disabled?  Only someone who’s own ego is so lacking he must bully others to feel good.  Bannon has found this as his vehicle of control over Trump.  Bannon knows this works with his Breitbart people.  He has successfully transferred the Breitbart philosophy (I use the term loosely here) to the Trump campaign and now the White House.  Is anyone out there scared?

Be strong.  RESIST!