New Voting Precinct and Precinct Boundary Changes Coming to the City of Manassas

Written on:February 2, 2017
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Beginning in 2017, the City of Manassas will have a sixth voting precinct, with its polling place at George C Round Elementary School at 10100 Hastings Drive.  At the same time, the boundaries of the City’s five other voting precincts are being adjusted, to better balance the number of registered voters within each precinct.  These changes are prompted by continued residential development and population growth within the City and the requirement under the Code of Virginia that no precinct have more than 5,000 registered voters or 4,000 votes cast in a presidential election.

The Manassas City Council is currently in the process of approving a new City of Manassas voting precinct ordinance that sets the boundaries and designates the polling places for all voting precincts (including the central absentee voting precinct in the Old Town Hall building at 9025 Center St).  The first reading of this ordinance was held at the January 23rd City Council meeting, and the second reading and vote to adopt this ordinance is scheduled for the February 13th City Council meeting.

Below is a map of the proposed voting precinct boundaries. Once these new precinct boundaries are approved, those voters who will vote at a new polling place, starting in 2017, will be notified by the Manassas Voter Registrar’s Office by U.S. Mail.

New City of Manassas Voting Precincts, Starting in 2017 (click to enlarge)