Comstock Cowardice

Written on:February 19, 2017
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Oh, yes, Another telephone Town Hall for Comstock.  Nothing in person.  Is she afraid of her constituents?  It’s very cowardly to hug the faceless phone while an assistant screens the questions.  This is truly dereliction of duty and indicates that Comstock has to go.

Take a look at her latest votes:  Allowing mentally ill to get access to guns.  Allowing the killing of wild baby animals on public lands.  Cutting the salaries of individual government employees to $1.

She likes to paint herself as a moderate.  NOT.  During the last Town Hall, she spent most of her time filibustering rather than answering the questions.  6000 on the line.  12 questions and no way to follow up. No specifics.  She couldn’t even explain why she voted for the $1 government employee salary.  I suspect it’s fear of a primary opponents.  So she takes the GOP line period.  No commitment.  No original ideas.  No evidence that she has the best interests of the people in mind.

This is pathetic.  She’s an embarrassment and has to go.  How hard could it be to show up in person in a venue large enough to accommodate those who are interested?   “Sad”