Jacqueline Smith for Clerk of the Court Special Election

Written on:April 5, 2017
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On April 18, 2017, we will see the victory of Jacqueline Smith over Jackson Miller to be the Prince William County Clerk of the Court.  Jacqueline is running as someone who has experience with the clerk’s office and clearly recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of the office. Miller’s motivation is simple:  A guaranteed salary of over $154,000.00 per year plus all the benefits.  All of Miller’s altruistic blather over serving his constituents was just that:  Blather.  Most if not all of his legislation benefitted the police (former employer) and real estate issues (current occupation.)  Does Miller believe he “deserves” to be Clerk?  Of course, he does.  He believes he should be rewarded with this salary.  How galling that when Miller loses, he will run again for Delegate as his back-up plan.  It’s disturbing but not surprising given his history.

So Hal Parrish (Hal Pal) has filed to run in the June Republican Primary against Miller.  The Machiavellian GOP plan:  Jackson beats Jacqueline.  Hal Pal runs for Delegate.  He thinks he will win, exit the Mayor’s position leaving the City Council with 3 Democrats and 3 Republicans.  Interesting situation.  But good for the Democrats.  But if Miller loses (hopefully) will Hal Pal and Miller run against each other in the Primary giving Hal Pal an opportunity to fill his father’s former seat?  But regardless of the GOP candidate, Democrat Lee Carter will be the next Delegate.

Miller has a bottomless pit of money to support his campaign(s) to the point that he can run ads on Fox TV.  (Perfect channel for Miller the Trump sycophant.)  Typical Miller:  He loves to bully and like Trump, he has the money to do it, but albeit not the ability or temperament to handle the clerk’s office.  Frankly, I would not trust Miller to be objective if it came to handling my interactions with the office.

But Jacqueline knows the clerk’s office as an attorney and citizen.  She even recognized that there is a 30% turnover rate in the office.  She understands the office’s process in all areas of the Courthouse, not just in the land records office that Miller boasts about.  She knows the staff.  And she has plans on how to improve every aspect of the office and the services to the public. Miller is an empty suit with one goal: More Money for Miller.  That’s the candidate MMM.  MORE MONEY MILLER.