Carly: The real Karen Crowder?

Written on:September 29, 2015
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I know.  I know.  I should be just focusing on our “pal Hal” but I have to focus on Carly instead today. I’ve previously referred to Carly as Ann Coulter without the charm.  I couldn’t put my finger on it, but it came to me today after watching her and reading about her photo-ops that Ann is probably not the best doppelganger for Carly.  No, it’s Karen Crowder, the Tilda Swinton character in the move “Michael Clayton.”  A ruthless prevaricator, Crowder was so ambitious that she arranged 2 murders, one of which failed.  Of course, that was the George Clooney protagonist Michael Clayton who she failed to eliminate and who eventually crafted her downfall.  And this was a movie all about carcinogenic pesticides.

I see Carly as that same character of Karen Crowder.  Kind of Lady MacBeth-ish.  Carly lies about her record and HP.  She lies about the video she “saw”.  She even lies about her personal life.  She is a professional fabricator with the same amiability as Karen Crowder.  Looking in the mirror to prepare her remarks.  Icy.  Opaque.  Not ready to lead the country.

And here’s the punch line:  The former HP board member Tom Perkins who fired her now says that she was a “good CEO.”  This is the same Tom Perkins who thinks only rich people should vote and compared “the rising tide against the 1 per cent” as comparable to anti-Semitism of Nazi Germany. Really.  What a cool guy to have supporting you, Carly.

This is part of Hal’s crowd.  He can’t deny he’s a Republican no matter how hard he tries.  He’s never had an original idea in his life and he’s mediocre at best.  Maybe he could take some tips from Carly.