Hal Parrish: The GOP must feel some heat

Written on:October 3, 2015
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I’ve voted every year in every election since I was 21 (had to be 21 at the time.)  Never ever have I seen as many mailers as I have received from “Hapless Hal.”  He claims the usual superlatives in today’s glossy 4 sider and also includes a promise that he will serve as our “voice” in the Senate.  Really?  I doubt it.  He will be the “voice” of the Virginia GOP.  This guy will never buck his party and will fall in line now that the party has dumped hundreds of thousands of dollars into his campaign.   He has probably been fed the usual excuses for rejecting Medicaid expansion with the tax dollars we have already paid to the Federal government.  You can bank on a plan to block any kind of reproductive rights and Hal will be voting for school vouchers.  You can be sure that he will rob the public schools to support business interests:  Lowering taxes.  His donors are big business and his small business experience is inheriting his family business.  He has never worked and does not know what it is like to live a real life.  He is rich and knows nothing about the needy.  Sure, he can cut a ribbon and shake hands but there is no substance beyond that.  All of his so-called accomplishments are nothing more that what happens in the usual course of running the government.  Is he also going to take credit for the layoffs out at Micron? What about the dozens of businesses that come and go in old town?  Credit?   Like most Republicans, Hal thinks that if he says something or prints something, the audience will believe him.  We must be cynical and we must question him which he has ruled out by backing out of the debate.  So the public will never really know what his positions are on any issue which is mirrors his stint as mayor. Who is Hal Parrish?  No one really knows.  But it’s not the whole story……