Hal Pal’s posse

Written on:October 8, 2015
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Hal’s NRA posse is canvassing our neighborhood,  Hal Pal blue-shirted with clip board in hand.  I wonder if we can expect the Susan B. Anthony List gang coming through, also.  Now that I have my McPike sign in my yard, it’s unlikely that I will be receiving any more Hal Pal visitors.

But today’s mailing from the Virginia GOP on behalf of Hal Pal is a new sign of desperation.  In this one, Hal Pal splashes the old news about a wrongful termination suit filed against Jeremy in his official capacity in Alexandria, Virginia where the plaintiff was awarded just over $200,000.00 in back pay and liquidated damages in a 4-page glossy mailer.  The plaintiff, thinking that he didn’t get enough compensation, tried to increase his damages and was denied.  What’s most disgusting about this mailer is that Hal Pal (yes, I will attribute this to him) has made this a racial issue.  The plaintiff was African-American and there is little doubt that the fake picture on the front of the mailer is an African-American mail.   I think this is what they call race baiting.  Hal Pal knows that he’s got nearly zero in diversity support as a right winger so he’s going down and dirty now.  This tactic was tried in the Democratic Primary and failed.  I wonder how many of the Hal Pal supporters have also been sued and lost.  In fact, how about Hal Pal who has brought law suits himself (check the court website).  I don’t know the nature of the lawsuits, but I know that he did sue one of his old friends and high school classmates.  This guy has no integrity whatsoever.  Hal Pal is playing fast and loose with the law.  A civil lawsuit is not “breaking the law”.  And Hal Pal is in the dirt.

And I can’t even tell you the rest of the story.  I promised.