Hal Pal in favor of gun violence

Written on:October 9, 2015
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In today’s WAPO Metro section, there is an article where Gabrielle Giffords and her husband’s gun control group is supporting candidates in Virginia who support gun control legislation like background checks.  Even gun owners are in favor of such checks and eliminating the loopholes like gun shows and internet purchases.  When Hal Pal’s campaign manager Luisa Guerra was asked by the reporter about Hal Pal’s position on guns, Guerra said the issue didn’t “resonate” with voters in our district.  I think the issue resonates with everyone.  Are we so numb that we have forgotten Virginia Tech or the killer at Smith Mountain Lake?  Factually, there are fewer homicides in states with strong gun control laws (that would not be Oregon).   I am from Oregon originally and I am embarrassed.  Think of the shoot out in the WalMart parking lot when the lady shooter shot at someone she observed was shoplifting.  Yeah.  That’s the kind of world I want to live in,  NOT.  Thanks Hal Pal for making Virginia more dangerous.  Just what we need.  Maybe Hal Pal is packing!

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