More GOP dysfunction

Written on:October 12, 2015
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Let’s see:

Hal Pal won’t debate Jeremy.

Bob won’t debate Don.

And someone is stealing Democratic candidate signs.  Wow, these folks are desperate and should be.

Does anyone really want the Virginia General Assembly to be controlled by Republicans like the insanity in the U.S. Congress?  Well, that’s what we can expect if the likes of Parrish (Senate), Marshall (Delegate) and Jackson (Delegate) are elected.  Parrish is in favor of guns for all and is a puppet of every right wing special interest group.    Marshall wants to control women by controlling their vaginas.  And Jackson? He’s hapless with an overall goal to increase the prison population.   He characterizes this position by “supporting law enforcement.”  Yeah, sure.  Just what we need.

Get Out The Vote!!!!!!  November 3, 2015.  Vote for all Democrats.  That would include Paul Ebert and Jacqueline Smith.