Jackson Miller is pro-gun violence

Written on:October 15, 2015
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The ex-cop/real estate agent Jackson Miller is pro-gun violence.  He is opposed and has voted as such for any kind of background checks, restrictions on gun purchases and open records for concealed gun carriers.  And here’s the clincher:  He voted in favor of voting gun ownership to felons.  But in another piece of irony, he voted against restoration of voting rights to felons who serve their sentences.  Jackson Miller is dangerous and is adding to the possibility of another Virginia Tech shooting.  Everyone should feel unsafe with Jackson Miller deciding that a felon with a concealed weapon could be waiting next to that ATM you use every day.  Can you relax when you go to the movies or send your youngster to school when Jackson Miller is arming dangerous felons?  Oh, he’ll say it won’t be every ex-felon.  But it seems that killing is more important that voting to Jackson Miller.  It makes him a very scary man………