Hal Pal will say anything

Written on:October 19, 2015
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Check out today’s WAPO Metro section article “Eyes are on 2 races for Va Senate” where the 29th District is featured.  Hal Pal and Jeremy were interviewed for the article.  Hal Pal had the nerve to say that would have voted as his father did in favor of a $1.6 billion dollar tax INCREASE back when his dad was a Delegate.  Hal’s dad, Harry, actually did partner with Gov. Mark Warner at the time when bipartisanship for the good of the people really mattered.  But really Hal Pal?  You would have voted to increase taxes after you have been bought by the extreme right wingers of the GOP?  Hal Pal will really say anything.  This is what I mean about integrity. This statement is consistent with his appeals to the extreme right wing while appearing oh so reasonable and moderate.  Hal Pal cannot be trusted by the voters and should not and cannot be elected.