More school ratings for Manassas from Niche

Written on:October 20, 2015
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Manassas get’s a “C” thanks to Hal Pal.  He loves to spout how he supports education but then why does the Manassas City Public School system earn just a “C” and out of the 131 school districts in Virginia, Manassas ranks 96th in this survey.  Hal Pal is probably thinking of his affluent friends rather than those students who struggle as his definition of success.  But those striving folks aren’t important to Hal Pal.  Their parents won’t vote for him anyway.  So the best solution for Hal Pal and his Republican cronies is to push the resources (that would be our taxes) into vouchers for parochial schools.  Yes. Look for this as Hal Pal’s solution to all education woes.  A Tea Party dream.  Hal Pal just wants to win, win, win.  He dodged a bullet when the debate was cancelled.