Inside Nova/Prince William Today hoodwinked by Hal Pal

Written on:October 24, 2015
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If you are on FB, I’m sure you got Hal Pal’s post that he has been endorsed by web-based Inside Nova and it’s print edition Prince William Today.  After reading the glowing endorsement, I went back to Hal Pal’s campaign website and couldn’t help but notice that the Nova editorial was basically a paraphrase of Hal Pal’s self promotion.  There’s an inference that Medicaid expansion and gun control measures may have been addressed by Hal Pal but the editorial states (w)e are confident he will not be drawn into supporting a right wing social agenda which is out of step with the voters of his district…..” I guess NOVA failed to report on Hal Pal’s tie-breaking vote where he voted against women’s health care by restricting access to care.

But let’s look closer.  Let’s look at the issues.

Medicaid expansion:  Does anyone actually believe that Hal Pal will take a position that opposes his own party regarding Medicaid expansion.  He has received a boatload of money from the state GOP so I think we know how he will vote.

Gun control measures:  We know Hal Pal is in the pocket of the NRA up to his eyeballs.  He has been financially and in-kind backed by the NRA.  Like the rest of his party led by Jackson Miller in the House of Delegate Hal Pal will vote in favor of returning guns to convicted felons who have served their time.  He will vote against background checks for concealed weapon permits.  There are no background checks at gun shows.  So imagine the felon who has been convicted of a white collar crime.  That felon obtains a hand gun at a gun show and obtains a concealed weapon permit with no background check. Then after he or she has has been given skills during that 5 years in prison for embezzlement, the felon sets out to murder the individual that testified against that felon.  That’s what Hal Pal will vote for:  More gun violence.

Voter access:  Hal Pal will vote against restoring voting rights to convicted felons who have served their time.  Ironic, isn’t it.  The citizen can’t vote but can access firearms.

Transportation:  Hal Pal has already shown that he has no interest in improving transportation.  It costs money and Hal Pal will join with his GOP cronies to make sure that there is no financing for improved transportation.  Someone should explain to Hal Pal that it’s because of his cronies that the whole toll issue has come to light.  Don’t you just love seeing Hal Pal in his ad holding the STOP sign;  NO TOLLS. So what’s your solution Hal Pal?

Another note about endorsements.  Many Republicans think that the WAPO endorses only Democrats. But WAPO endorsed Hal Pal’s dad (a Republican)  in the past and has currently endorsed Republicans. Check today’s WAPO.   Think about it and wonder if NOVA even talked to Hal Pal before publishing the endorsement.

Next post more about the tolls.