Hal Pal ups his specious claims

Written on:October 28, 2015
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Did you see the new TV ads where Hal Pal has claimed responsibility for “creating 1600 new jobs” in Manassas?  Interesting.  Hal Pal has been on the Manassas City Council in some capacity as either Councilman or Mayor for 22 years.  So over that 22 years, he is responsible for creating only 1600 new jobs while the while the population has increased from 26,000 to 40,000.  And this is a record to be proud of?

Then let’s talk about the school buildings Hal Pal claims responsibility for.  As the population increased, the need for more schools also increased.  This is hardly earth-shattering news.  Baldwin Elementary School which was built in the early 1960’s was finally recognized as a facility that needed to be replaced or undergo serious changes.  Hal Pal’s limited interest Baldwin might be due to it’s location within the poorest socio-economic area of Manassas.  Typical Hal Pal.  It was okay to wait on the over-crowding and the challenges because the voters in the Baldwin district don’t support Republicans like Hal Pal. Finally, with city schools ranking so poorly in Virginia and in the U.S., it became clear that the neediest students probably need the best chance of succeeding.

While the Colgan family endorses Hal Pal (Colgan himself decided to take a pass on any endorsement. Thanks Chuck) the relationship between Hal Pal and Chuck has been described as “symbiotic” by a member of the Colgan family.  In other words, you benefit me and I’ll benefit you.  Or it could be a parasitic relationship…..  Who knows?

Symbiotic relationships, exaggerated claims and failure to really bring Manassas up to where it could be, who could possibly trust or vote for Hal Pal?