Hal Pal denies he is a liar

Written on:October 30, 2015
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Yesterday, you might have seen my explanation of the I66 toll plan.  I won’t gloat, but feeling vindicated, I read today WAPO editorial page and found that I’m not the only one who is disgusted with Hal Pal’s scary ads about the toll or Jackson Miller’s lie-ridden signs posted in the usual GOP supporter’s yards. But wait, there’s more.  Hal Pal was called to task by Gov. McAuliffe for Hal Pal’s lie-laced ads about the tolls without including any facts.  By the way, after that national Republican Presidential debate debacle on Wednesday, that sounds like the GOP mantra for both local and national elections:  Lie, Lie, Lie until they believe you.  What did Hal Pal do about the Governor’s assertion?  Instead of offering up a reasonable response and explaining why his statements aren’t lies, he explained that he was “surprised and disappointed” that the Governor accused him of lying.  “I am not a liar!”  Well, yes you are.  You have taken a plan that actually gives solo drivers the option of using I66 during rush hour and twisted it so that you can win win win.  Win at any cost.  I would call this desperate but if voters don’t know the facts, Hal Pal knows he can win.  Hopefully, through something called education, a foreign word to Hal Pal, the public will understand the Truth.

One more thing:  As I was opening my iPad to look at a game last night, up pops that ridiculous Hal Pal ad with the folks who fawn over Hal Pal.  Were these MIFCO toadies?  One of his former………….Oh, well.  Delete!