Stop the whining GOP. Start with Hal Pal

Written on:October 31, 2015
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Just what did anyone expect from a group of complaining politicians?  We’ve all seen how the GOP Presidential candidates decided to use the CNBC debate moderators as a means to amp up poll numbers. Attacking the questioners of what’s characterized as a left leaning media outlet was just the answer.  So now the whiners want to organize the debates themselves.  This must be an attractive option for the boys at the children’s table.  Remember, it’s the RNC who designed these debates and created the controversy as a vehicle for the infantile candidates.  This follows the old adage:  If you can’t argue the facts, argue the law.  If you can’t argue the law, yell like hell.  I think the GOP has devolved to the final step.  Yes.  Just yell like hell and no one will notice that you don’t have any new ideas and any ideas that you do have are simply fantasies to draw the attention of the uninformed right wing voters and, in particular, Tea Party sheep.

Now let’s relate this to Hal Pal.  That new ad with the actors claiming that Hal Pal is being mischaracterized and put upon is just plain crazy.  I guess the viewer is suppose to look that the actors and relate to them:  All white and all rich.  Who was the genius that thought such casting was appropriate?  And with no facts (not the lies).  Must be time to yell because Hal Pal has no facts to support him (?jobs ?transportation).  Like most right wingers, Hal Pal wants to create the laws that favor gun violence and and control of women. Yell Hal Pal.  Yell.  But we can’t hear you.