Hal Pal and Aveni planning aggressive behavior at the polls

Written on:November 2, 2015
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Finally, tomorrow is election day.  I hope everyone will be voting.  But it’s come to my attention that Hal Pal and Aveni have been plotting to thwart efforts for a fair election.  Specifically, they are instructing the Manassas GOP representatives at the voting precincts to aggressively approach voters and even block Democratic candidate representatives access to the voters.  They will push the 40 foot access and  as in the past, they may form a line of reps in front of the poll doors at the schools to prevent Democratic access. This could have a chilling effect on a voter.  No voter wants to be “confronted” when exercising the right to vote.  Watch for this conduct.  Then use your phone to video any questionable conduct.  You might see a voter who has never voted before.  If that voter reveals this to the GOP rep, you can expect that rep to thrust a sample ballot into the hands of that new voter and advise the voter that he or she should follow the instructions on the ballot.

I expect that Hal Pal and Aveni will assign massive numbers of reps to each precinct so be aware.  It’s scary and a complete affront to our political process.  But what else should we expect from Hal Pal?