It’s over

Written on:November 4, 2015
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No, I won’t gloat but I am extremely pleased that Jeremy McPike will be our next state Senator.  He and his Campaign Manager, Noah, worked very hard and were able to communicate with the electorate effectively.  It’s disappointing that Manassas was not on board with Jeremy but as a hometown boy, it was no surprise that Hal was the winner.  It is likely that many Democrats with close personal ties voted for Hal out of a sense of loyalty.  I understand that.  It would not be my choice to vote for someone just because I liked or knew the candidate personally if he or she had views that were incompatible with mine.  But that’s a choice.  Just not mine.  I know there are some folks that are very disappointed with Hal’s defeat because the job of Mayor is still filled.  Maybe next election.

More good news:  We have Paul Ebert back where he should be.  It was scary to think that we could have had a Commonwealth’s Attorney who had never tried a criminal case.  That makes no sense.  But it doesn’t matter.  Paul is going to be doing that job for another 4 years.

Jacqueline Smith was a formidable candidate who showed very well but came of short, darn it.

And just for one more little piece of trivia:  For one hour Kyle McCullough was ahead in the District 50 Delegate’s race against Jackson Miller.  These were county votes and it felt delightful.  Kyle basically did not campaign in the traditional sense but he talked to lots and lots of voters.  For spending very little money, he did great!

Are those voters in District 13?  What the heck is wrong with them?  I hope they get what they deserve. Bob Marshall is an abomination.

Okay.  No more snark today.  Must refocus.  At least I’ll have plenty of thoughts to share as the clown car continues on with Trump, et al.