Ben Carson and God

Written on:November 8, 2015
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Now I know that I am going to offend some people who might have a literal interpretation of the Bible and some religious dogma.  But after reading more and more about what Ben Carson has said and written, it gives us a good idea as to how Ben would govern.  But let’s start with his problem with embellishment or even prevarication.  Take the West Point debacle:  Using words like accept vs. offer a “full scholarship” to West Point as a differentiation while lunching with General Westmoreland and attending multiple military events as claimed by Ben.  No.  It’s a matter of embellishment just as when he offers up his humble background while he brags about his multiple honorary degrees and assaulting his mother.  And don’t get me started about the Pyramids.

But today in the Post Outlook section, Carlos Lozada has written a column “Ben Carson has God on speed dial – and He always answers.”  One recount tells of how Ben wasn’t doing well in a college class and was not sure he could pass the exam.  He went to bed that night, had a vision from God which provided him with the answers and he passed.  Then, put that in juxtaposition to his admitted plagiarism in the same column.  Perhaps Ben’s “God” provided Ben with the answers not in a vision but via a source that may have appeared to Ben in a back alley and not in a dream.

I love doctors.  I have worked with them all of my adult life.  For the most part, they are honest and love what they do.  But any nurse can tell you that some physicians rise to a level where they leave the land of reality and rely on arrogance instead of facts.  This is Ben Carson.  I’ll give it to him that he’s a “brilliant surgeon” but I know folks who are just as or more brilliant and that I would not want to be the President. And I sure don’t want a President who goes to bed with a decision on his mind that involves war and have him or her make a decision the following morning based on a vision from God during the night. That is really scary!

This goes to the saying “It’s God’s will.”  Really?  A sorry excuse if you ask me.  Would Ben have just commented “It’s God’s will” after 9/11?  You can see where this goes: Abdication of responsibility.

Recently, I can see how Ben reacts when his buttons are pushed.  Not the same old affable doctor. Never question Ben because that’s mean.  He’s the ultimate self-serving, pompous politician.  He makes Trump look humble. Keep asking the questions, media.  It’s the public’s right to know on the right and on the left.