It’s a new year

Written on:January 5, 2016
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It’s a new year but xenophobia reigns supreme from the mouth of Donald Trump.  What is characterized as “political correctness” by the Republican leader, is an appeal to mostly white men of a certain age with high school diplomas (maybe).  Their displays of disrespect and intolerance are excused by what is supposedly threats against their economic status.  Who cannot be reminded of McCarthyism from the 1950’s right here in the U.S. when the Senator took to task anyone as a communist who threatened him?  And it’s not a stretch to include, yes, I am going to invoke the “H” word, Hitler.  He blamed the Jews as the cause of Germany’s economic problems while really, his motivation was to exterminate human beings who threatened him, something Hitler, I mean Trump has already promised in his tirades against Mexicans and Muslims.  Appealing to the uninformed and also controlling communication (like Sheldon Adelson), Donald Trump wants to win at any cost to our society.  In fact, he wants our society to become lawless (Oregon) and intolerant of anyone who is not white, Omarosa notwithstanding.

And where are the other Republican candidates?  So fearful of Trump, they sit by idly or they even join in like Ben Carson.  Really Ben?  You feel free to walk into your OR and blather on unfiltered?  I suspect that even with your credentials, you would not have lasted 5 minutes.  Or were the staff screened for Ben before they were allowed to scrub with him?

What wimps.  None of you deserve to be president.

I know this rhetoric is shocking but we have to stand up to demagogues and fanatics.  One side of my brain wants him nominated by his party.  But on the other hand, do I have faith in the general electorate to reject his bigotry and hate?  I think I do.

Soon we will be moving on to the local GOP.  I want to ask each of them who they support for President from the GOP slate.  Let’s all ask.  I think it would be enlightening.  Think Corey Stewart!  What?????