Snow without politics

Written on:January 25, 2016
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By now, the snow is no longer novel.  Our kind neighbor across the street cleared our driveway with his snowblower and another neighbor helped dig out one of our cars.  How nice to live in a neighborhood without discord and full of cooperation.

I guess we really can’t analogize this spirit to the current Presidential race.  The best it can be described is “free-for-all”.  Indeed, I am stumped as to who these people are that are supporting Trump.  I don’t think I know any of them but I could be wrong.  Knowing my politics might dissuade friends and acquaintances from sharing their support of the xenophobic racist.

On the other hand, Trump’s closest competitor, Cruz, is, in my opinion, worse.  Who could vote for these clowns to be the leader of the “free world?”  So desperate to get a Republican in the White House, will GOP voters sacrifice morality, ethics and common sense?  So far, that’s the direction they are headed.  I guess it’s cool to be angry and anxious to blame everyone else for your problems.  This is the appeal.  The anti-Obama ( and what I consider to be racist) folks have found their star:  Trump.  He rants and raves and expresses their frustration without saying anything except to cast blame.  Everyone has a flaw but the great Donald.  The superficial nature of his arguments is obvious.  But anyone who dares to challenge him is reduced to an asterisk.

Scott Walker may have been prescient when he suggested that the low percentage candidates should drop out and coalesce around someone other than Trump or Cruz.  But egos, egos, egos.  Imagine Christie dropping out for the sake of his party.  So maybe they deserve what they get.  And if Hillary doesn’t make it on the Democratic ticket (she will), I would vote for Bernie in a heartbeat.  No contest!