Primary season

Written on:February 6, 2016
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At this point, I am going to avoid posting any views about the Democratic primary.  I have my opinion but our committee is not endorsing either candidate.  Nonetheless, we will go to the wall to get another Democrat in the White House this November.  The opposition’s choices are down right frightening.

I guess we could rate the GOP candidates as who is the most repulsive but there are different degrees of that repulsiveness.  At the top of my list is Ted Cruz.  This guy is completely unsuited to be President. Some folks might think his strict and unbending ability to compromise is a strength.  When addressed, it’s usually related to domestic issues.  But imagine this mentality in trying to work with foreign policy issues.  It’s scary.  Start digging your bomb shelter.  Just like sacrificing government jobs so he could read Green Eggs and Ham to an audience of zero, he would probably be willing to sacrifice American lives to make a point.  Terrible choice.  And he beats his children…..

#2 would be the Trumpster.  Need I say more.  He says nothing and simply wants to win.  I can imagine that if he loses, he wouldn’t run as an independent.  He would probably jump on the Democratic bandwagon.  He’s an opportunist and does what’s best for The Donald, not Americans.

#3 Marco.  I love Chris Christie’s characterization of Rubio as the Boy in the Bubble.  Seinfeld style.  This guy can change his mind like I change my socks.  He has no substance and sound like a Chatty Cathy doll when he is confronted with questioning.  Pull his string and the same stump speech oozes out.  He is slick, smooth and thirsty.  Most appalling is that he would let a mother die if an abortion would save her life.  Yep.  Let them both die.

#4 Fiorina but I don’t think we have to worry too much about her.  She has made herself unelectable and won’t even be debating with the guys tonight.

#5 Christie.  Some people like his bullying brashness.  I don’t.  It’s demeaning and is only useful because the bully doesn’t know how to address issues without insulting the messenger.  That’s a great trait for a President, right?  Maybe the folks in New Jersey find it endearing.  But that’s New Jersey.  (A fine state.)

#6 Kasich #7 Bush.  These two candidates are examples of why the American electorate has been brainwashed by commercial TV.  These guys are not entertainers.  They are not bold.  They are nerdy data crunchers. When they step out of that personna, they both look just plain silly.  They have good concrete things to say but they are boooorrrrrriiiiiiinnnnnggggg.  What a country.  Reject the boring smart guys for a snake oil salesman, carnival performer and a slimy flip-flopper.

So where is it all going?  I’m starting to think that the GOP candidate might really be Trump.  I heard a listener on C-SPAN claim that if Bernie didn’t get the Democratic nomination, he would vote for Trump. Really?  Maybe the world really is coming to an end.  NOT.