Virginia Primary no surprises

Written on:March 5, 2016
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So what did you expect……?  So far I have not met any Trump supporters.  I suspect I know some but they are not willing to reveal themselves.  I mean, who would want to be associated with a xenophobic candidate who loves Mussolini quotes, mocks the disabled, debases women and has a questionable relationship with the KKK.  I understand the supporters who vote for Trump but what’s most amazing are the politicians who contend that Trump is unfit to be President and yet they will vote for him because he is a Republican.  The intellectual dishonesty is breathtaking.  I’m not sure what’s worse:  The “establishment” or Trump.  The complete lack of credibility vs. the complete lack of credibility.  Republicans are unfit for sure.  We must win the White House and turn the U.S. Senate back to the Democrats in November.

So let’s talk about Babs or as she’s is known Barbara Comstock.  Our 10th District Congressional representative is nothing more than a right wing follower.  Every single vote is right along with her Republican colleagues. Does this woman have a mind of her own?  I think not.  She sponsored one of the ACA repeal acts.  That means that Insurance companies could refuse coverage with pre-existing conditions;  The children would be off their parents’ health care coverage at age 18 instead of 26.  She has voted against all Laws related to women’s medical care.  Need I go on?  Another puppet of the right wing, Babs votes right along with rest of them so she can obtain the support of the GOP (money) for her next election.  Frank Wolf, our previous congressman, was her predecessor and her employer.  He actually considered the positions of his constituents before he voted.  Not Babs.  She has no such scruples fearing that she could be “primaried” out at some point.

Babs is a good example of why we must elect a Democrat and specifically LuAnn Bennett.  LuAnn knows the process and she shares our Democratic principles.  She actually has worked not to supplement the family income but as a single mother. Although John Foust was criticized by inferring that Babs has never had a real job, the fact is, she hasn’t  She has worked because she wanted to.  She has her current position because she latched on the coattails of Wolf.   She let her Virginia license to practice law lapse.  And her so-called business was nothing more than the lobbyist shell organization.  I just don’t get how we can accept that she is the best person for the job.  She’s not.  And if someone says, “She’s so nice”, I will remind that person that being nice is not the criteria for being an effective and independent Representative.  It will be Bye Bye to Babs this summer.

More to come.