Have we all gone crazy?

Written on:March 9, 2016
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Last night I watched Donald Trump give his “news conference” which, as someone else observed, seemed more like an infomercial.  There he was with his wine, steaks and whatever pimping them.  For what  it’s worth, the “press conference” consisted of 15 minutes of responding to reporter’s questions (while insulting them) and 45 minutes of self-aggrandizement.  The whole tone was spookily disturbing.  I almost felt like I was watching the mental meltdown of bipolar patient.  Raving and ranting that has been basically condoned and encouraged by the media.  What the media doesn’t seem to understand is that they are being manipulated by Trump.  The media shows up like pet poodles to listen to his every word hoping to get some imagined scoop.  Just once, I would ask you all (the media) to skip one of the debacles.  You won’t miss anything.  Nothing new.  The same thing over and over again.  And what does the media do, allow him to campaign without limits.  It’s nuts and he’s nuts.  It was so apparent last night.  Honestly, short of some piece of fiction, I have never seen anything like it.  It was off-the-rails. But it seems that the more outrageous Trump is, the more he is perceived as a viable candidate to be President of the United States.  Maybe that’s it.  Think about being President.  Can you see Trump and the rest of the world.  He can’t even have a cogent discussion regarding foreign affairs that most high school students can understand.  And who are his advisors?  And where are the real plans.?  Everything is hollow.  Like cutting into a rotten watermelon.  A facade with no substance or understanding.  He’s right about one thing:  WINNING.  What that means to the American people, he’s doesn’t given a damn.